Quarantine cocktails: Simply Cocktails are bringing the bar to you

Quarantine cocktails: Fiorente Bottle and Cocktail

It’s official, quarantine cocktails are our new favourite thing.

It’s no secret many of us are drinking to drown our iso sorrows right now. And let me just clarify: that’s not to say we’re all alcoholics, per se. We’re simply enjoying have a wine (bottle) or two at home because hey, what else is there to do right now? Whether you’re sipping a cab sav in your bubble bath or taking part in the Instastory drinking challenges (we’re doing both), having yourself a nice quarantine drink ain’t hurting nobody.

So, why not take things to the next level? Quarantine COCKTAILS are now on the cards thanks to Simply Cocktails. Last week, they launched an epic new initiative to keep us entertained this iso season. ‘Home Five O’Clock-tails’ are a series of live video tutorials and virtual mini masterclasses that will be taking place on Simply Cocktails’ Facebook page. Happening every Tuesday and Friday until the 30th of June, cocktail lovers will have the chance to enjoy their favourites (and some new styles) from the comfort of their home.

What’s also awesome about the quarantine cocktails initiative is that Simply Cocktails are helping out some of our recently unemployed local bartenders. They have recruited 100 Australian bartenders to submit tutorials, all of whom have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 closures. Yeah, we’re all for this. Bartenders from local haunts Red October, Hains & Co and Bank Street Social are expected to participate.

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The Details

The first tutorial launched at 5PM this Friday just passed with Mark Hickey demonstrating the Cointreau Fizz. To watch it, follow the link here.

If you’d like to follow the full schedule of live mini masterclasses, you can find it just below.

  • Friday 3rd April: Mark Hickey, Cointreau Fizz
  • Tuesday 7th April: Danilo Migliorini, Tia Espresso Martini
  • Thursday 9th April: Andy Buntine, Mozart Choc-tails
  • Tuesday 14th April: Josh Obrien, Tom Collins
  • Friday 17th April: Mark Hickey, Black barrel Daiquiri
  • Tuesday 20th April: Andy Buntine, Passoda & Passoa Mule
  • Friday 24th April: Mark Hickey, French Mule
  • Tuesday 28th April: Danilo Migliorini, Disaronno Sour
  • Friday 1st May: Josh O’Brien, Paloma
  • Tuesday 5th May: Josh O’Brien, Highball
  • Friday 8th May: Andy Buntine, Hot Toddy
  • Tuesday 12th May: Mark Hickey, Copa
  • Friday 15th May: Luke Hanzlicek, Chaud
  • Tuesday 19th May: Mark Hickey, Fiorente Spritz
  • Tuesday 25th May: Mark Hickey, Gin & Tonic
  • Friday 29th May: Andy Buntine, St Remy Mule
  • Tuesday 2nd June: Mark Hickey, Naked Sour
  • Friday 5th June: Josh Obrien, V & T
  • Tuesday 9th June: Andy Buntine, Licor 43 Smoothie
  • Friday 12th June: Josh O’Brien, Metaxa Spritz
  • Tuesday 16th June: Andy Buntine, Irish Coffee
  • Friday 19th June: Andy Buntine, Boilermaker
  • Tuesday 22nd June: Mark Hickey, Opal Mule
  • Friday 26th June: Josh O’Brien, Peated highball
  • Tuesday 30th June: Josh O’Brien, Old Fashioned
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