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Holly Madison with her book Down the Rabbit Hole
Holly Madison with her book Down the Rabbit Hole

Up until now the shenanigans that occur within the walls of the Playboy Mansion have been kept under wraps.

Does Hugh Hefner sleep with the girls? Why would attractive women in their early 20s want to spend a good part of their lives as girlfriends of a 90-year-old man? What’s in it for them? What do they have to do to land a Playboy cover?

Previous reality shows like The Girls Next Door and Girls of the Playboy Mansion provided a small snapshot into life inside the mansion, however, your guess is as good as mine. And I’m really curious!

Thank you Holly Madison, you platinum blonde unicorn for taking the opportunity to pen a book that throws everyone from the mansion under the bus (bar one person).

I can now die a happy woman.

As a naïve, twenty one year old from small town Oregon, Holly was quickly swept up by the fame, fortune and exclusive mansion parties and fell down the rabbit hole. Before you could say ‘bolt ons please’, Holly found herself in a position envied by thousands of women across the world: a Playboy sex symbol.

Landing Playboy’s most lucrative role as Hef’s number one girlfriend could be easily understood as a blessing, but Holly paints a very different picture.

Her book Down The Rabbit Hole details sex, drugs and the toxic relationships that riddled the mansion, from the resident mean girls (aka Hef’s other girlfriends) to the big boss himself.

It follows her life under Hef’s rules, highlighting control, degradation and abuse of power as well as her journey in shaking her former reputation.

Managing to overcome the struggle in re-inventing herself, Holly is now happily married with a daughter named Rainbow. It certainly seems she’s found her pot of gold.

Although the people mentioned in Down The Rabbit Hole remain unable to defend themselves, it’s still a very interesting read. A shocking memoir ready to be devoured in bed on one of these cold winter nights.

Worms: 4/5

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