Drive Away to the Fleurieu Fringe

Mad March: it’s here, it’s all around, and it seems unavoidable to not get overwhelmed in the oversaturation of action in the city. Enter Fleurieu Fringe, a fringe event in direct contrast to the dazzling jam-packedness that is currently in the CBD. This is Fringe at your own pace, an event that invites you to slow down, join a community and truly enjoy your surroundings.

Located in the seaside town of Port Noarlunga, Fleurieu Fringe runs every weekend during the Fringe (17th Feb till 18th of March for those of you not in the know) and incorporates an artisan market, artist demonstrations, live music and a petting zoo for the kids. The set up is like a small scale Garden of Unearthly Delights but with ample seating (let’s all take a moment to reminisce on the numerous white outfits ruined by giving up and sitting on the ground at the garden). Colourful tents and hay bales surround the main performance stage ensuring a comfortable seat and adequate view of performances. To the right a market meanders through performers, to the left a bar and cocktail truck keeps you lubricated, and towards the back food trucks keep you sustained all day.

We started with a look though the markets, where stalls ranged from local food producers to fashion and homewares. We recommend the Seedleaf Designs stall for absolutely stunning ceramic accessories. Handmade and stylish with a chic, minimalistic and nature inspired design, we couldn’t walk away without a keepsake.

Next we were on to the Love At Thirst Sight cocktail truck, very excited as we were told that the pina colada is served in a pineapple. Priced at only $18, the pineapples sell out quick; luckily they also have fruity mojitos and sangria to keep the punters happy. We positioned ourselves front and centre to the stage to soak in the afternoon sun and watch the next performer. A crooner by the name of Kahl Wallis took the stage, filling the air with melodic sounds perfected suited to the seaside location.

Onwards to the food area, we decided on a pad thai by celebrity chef Simon Bryant (also creative director for Tasting Australia) and a classic beef burger from Mullygrub food truck. The pad thai was wok fried in front of us and was filled with firm tofu and fresh herbs. There was a surprising addition of sprouted green lentils adding bulk and making the meal extra satisfying. The beef burger was everything you want a burger to be; a well-seasoned patty with a good amount of char and a blush pink centre, a bun that holds it all together but doesn’t play centre stage and a good sauce.

We spent the last rays of sunlight watching kids take camel rides and attempting to get one of the goats attention at the petting zoo before the sea wind picked up and we made our way back to the city. Fringe may be on tour but the madness and congestion is left behind and replaced with glorious sunshine and salty sea breeze.

To view the program for Fleurieu Fringe, click here.

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