The Fruitful Pursuit Spring ’17

From the gloom, rain and the incessant chill of the winter that seemed to never end came one sunny Saturday and The Fruitful Pursuit.

Arcade lane and the Propaganda Club played host to this edition of the wine playground. With over 90 wines on offer alongside gin, cheese, chocolate, coffee and brews it was truly a sensory showcase. What is obvious from the start is that this is event is built on the passion of producers. Wine barrels scattered across the sunlit alley acted as makeshift tasting stations, creating a closeness between producer and consumer, encouraging conversations and educations not just sales pitches. This is the characteristic that makes The Fruitful Pursuit events so much fun, there is no pretence and no gilded curtain to hide the nitty gritty. It is about having fun, and maybe learning something while you are there.

What seems to be apparent from the popularity of these events is that the consumer is moving away from the traditional preconceived idea of what wine is. No longer is a Barossa Valley Shiraz the staple, the interest is diverted away from the mass-produced and in to a desire to know who made what fills your glass. The small and unknown is the new Penfolds at the dinner party, shifting from predicable to extraordinary.

My picks:

Mallaluka (ACT) – 2017 Sangiovese
This Sangiovese is exactly what it should be: light, savoury and made for food. Bring it to a summer BBQ and serve slightly chilled.

Nocturne (WA) – 2017 Nebbiolo Rose
Cherry flavours with a light floral aroma. A lovely structured acid line and just the right amount of that tannin that only Nebb can bring. This is Rose for grown ups.

Konpira Maru (VIC) – 2017 ‘Piss Christ’ Saperavi Nebbiolo
Conversation wine; not just for the in-you-face tannin but also for the label.

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