Ethical, luxurious bedding with Bhumi

Bhumi Organic Cotton Homewares

It’s no secret that cotton sheets are the best type of bedding to wrap yourself up in, being lightweight, breathable and durable. However, not all cotton is made equally. Bhumi, meaning ‘Mother Earth’, is here to change the game, working to redefine luxury and reshape conventional cotton textile processes.

A lot of the world’s cotton is grown with pesticides and made with harsh dyes in unsafe working conditions. From child labour to farmer exploitation, there are lots of secrets behind the closed doors of the cotton industry. Bhumi wants to throw open some of those doors though, raising awareness about the working conditions around cotton farming and production. 

Bhumi Organic Cotton Homewares

As a result, it goes without saying that every supplier that Bhumi works with must enforce a safe, fair working environment with no child labour. The Fairtrade Factories used also offer benefits for employees, like free schooling for children, free transport to work and help to fund projects in the community like health clinics, education and business training centres.

Sustainability is at the core of Bhumi’s practices. Non-GMO cotton seeds are used and crop rotation is implemented to conserve soil. This helps to retain healthier organic material in the soil, aiding with water retention, resulting in less energy being used in farming and helping the ground to store more carbon.

Bhumi Organic Cotton Homewares

Careful thought is given to every detail too, from the type of dye used, the quality of thread and even the length of the long-staple cotton, to create a durable and long-lasting product that you’ll love using for years to come.

But how do the products actually look and feel in real life? I was lucky enough to be gifted a quilt cover set and giant, fluffy bathrobe to try out, and I’m in love. The quilt set is so soft to lie on and has a beautiful subtle sheen to it, while the bathrobe feels like wearing a giant blanket around the house, complete with a hood. 

Bhumi Organic Cotton Homewares

If you’d like to try out some of Bhumi’s products yourself, we have a little inside tip for you. On Boxing Day Bhumi will be reducing everything on their website to 50-70% off, so you’ll be able to snap up some great, ethical buys without breaking the bank.

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