Experiencing the Bombay Sapphire x Cirq sensory pop-up this Vivid Sydney

Whether you’re dazzling a date or looking for somewhere slick to dine with friends, Cirq is an infallible choice. Located in the Crown Sydney, this stunning rooftop bar and restaurant brings all the glitz and glamour you could ask for with its iconic harbour views and bespoke beverages. Throw Bombay Sapphire into the mix and you have yourself the ultimate night out.

For Vivid Sydney this year, Bombay Sapphire has joined forces with the elegant Cirq to host an immersive pop-up for guests looking to dine in style. This Friday, we had the chance to experience it for ourselves on a buzzy Friday evening. It was a truly seamless fusion of artistic expression, creativity and exceptional flavour.

Stepping into the hotel, we were greeted by smiling staff who directed us to the sleek mirrored elevators, taking us 26 levels up to the gorgeous terrace-style bar. The space itself is like something out of New York City. The unique mix of outdoor and indoor seating offers versatility, while mirrored surfaces, plush couch seating, and glossy furnishings make for an irresistibly luxurious interior.

Outside, the views are truly spectacular. You can take in visuals of the lit-up Harbour Bridge and projections on the Opera House. For the pop-up, blue Bombay Sapphire projections circled the open rooftop space, with neon-lit lamps on tables and upbeat music creating the perfect Vivid vibe. Then, there were the incredible cocktails. Providing an exclusive list of Bombay Sapphire cocktails to choose from, there were styles for every tastebud, whether it was a crisp martini or a sweet tropical mix.

To kick off our evening, we started with the purple Amethyst, including the unique Butterfly Pea Flower Infused Bombay Sapphire, Lime, Mint and Fresh Cucumber. It came served with a led-light coaster, perfectly alluding to the lit-up Vivid cityscape. Accompanying our cocktails, we ordered a signature Cirq stand with cured meats and cheeses. The selection was simply divine, featuring some delicious chorizo, chestnut salami and La Boqueria Basque Saucisson, as well as goats milk Garrotxa, a classic triple cream brie and my favourite, the truffle manchego.

For mains, we indulged in the Chargrilled Fremantle Octopus and the Wagyu Beef Skirt MBS4+ , with a side of croquettes and taramasalata with seasonal crudite. The octopus was so tender and the meat was rich in flavour, perfect to pair with our next cocktail, the Bombay Sapphire Premier Cru Martini. A light and refreshing twist on your classic gin martini, it featured Bombay Sapphire Premier Cru, Lillet Blanc and a citrus twist to top. Chef’s kiss.

Cirq is located at the Crown Sydney and is taking bookings all weekend, so be sure to hop online and book through the link here to secure your spot!

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