Celebrate World Martini Day with a Passoa Pornstar Martini

World Martini Day with Passoa

Today, June 19, is World Martini Day, a time for us all to take a moment to sit and appreciate the beauty that is the martini. Originating in the 1800s during the gold rush, it’s said a bartender whipped up this cocktail for the first time using the only ingredients he had left in his bar for a miner who’d just struck gold. The traditional balance of gin and vermouth has been customised over the years to suit people’s taste, from the briny dirty martini to the iconic ‘shaken, not stirred’ preference James Bond has.

For those who find the spirit-forward classic martini too strong, new creations have popped up over the years too. The espresso martini is perfect for a caffeine-fulled pick-me-up, while a lychee martini is a fruity option for those who prefer something a little sweeter.

One of our favourite renditions of this cocktail is a pornstar martini, which we originally discovered in London. Everyone we knew was ordering pornstar martinis all the time (although none of us really figured out whether you’re supposed to shot the champagne or pour it in), so whenever we enjoy one now it takes us back to the fun years we spent running around the UK. If you haven’t had the pleasure of sipping on a pornstar martini yet, we’ll break it down for you. It’s essentially a sweet zesty passionfruit drink served alongside a shot of prosecco and garnished with half a floating passionfruit. It’s delicious, it’s fun, and we have a recipe for you here to try.

World Martini Day with Passoa

Passoa Pornstar Martini

First crafted in the London summer of 1999, this cocktail combines the fun and flirty flavours of passionfruit, vodka and prosecco. The mixologist behind the drink, Douglas Ankrah, named it so as he thought it was a cocktail fit for a pornstar.


  • 40mL Passoa
  • 40mL vodka
  • 10mL vanilla syrup
  • 10mL lime juice
  • 1 passionfruit
  • 30mL prosecco


Pour the Passoa, vodka, vanilla syrup and lime juice into a shaker.

Scoop the pulp from half the passionfruit into the shaker.

Fill shaker with ice and shake until frosty.

Double strain into a martini glass (we love these gorgeous personalised ones from Nouvelle).

Garnish with the remaining half a passionfruit in the shell.

Serve alongside a shot of prosecco. Whether you pour it in, shot it or sip it, it’s up to you!

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