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In today’s busy lifestyle, it’s often not easy to find time in our day to go to the markets or grocery store and pick up some fresh fruit and veggies. Then, on the off occasion that we do find the time, it isn’t guaranteed that we’ll find more time in the week to chop them up and actually use them. And eventually they’ll go off and we have to throw them away. It’s quite the vicious cycle.

The team from Good2Go Designer Shakes have developed a brand new initiative, helping people get their quick fix of the fruit and vegetables they need to get through the day. And these shakes aren’t just any shakes.


Good2Go Designer Shakes

Good2Go design un-blended, ready-to-go smoothies. They offer different cups full of pre-chopped fruits, vegetables, nuts and superfoods in perfectly proportioned sizes to taste delicious. Customers can order online and have their Good2Go cup delivered frozen to their door. From there, they can empty the ingredients of the cup into their blenders, add water, and their designer smoothies are Good2Go!

Good2Go already have a bunch of food experts supporting their new product. Food South Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Catherine Barnett, says, “Food South Australia is delighted to support new local South Australian food business Good2Go Designer Shakes.”

“It’s great to see innovative entrepreneurs like the team behind Good2Go launching new products into the market.”


Just some of the fresh Good2Go ingredients

Julie Dundon is an Advanced Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Director of Nutrition Professionals Australia. She believes Good2Go shakes are a brilliant solution for Australians to increase their daily nutritional needs. “I can see this being a product for everyone, from children to the elderly,” she says.

Good2Go will be delivering nationwide, including New South Wales and ACT, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, Western Australia and South Australia. To find out more about Good2Go’s locations, click here. Their menu has also been revealed, including a set of twelve pre-prepared smoothies in a cup. The menu is available here…we like the sounds of the Watermelon Spritz and The Big Beet the best!



The Good2Go range will be launching very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for more. In the meantime, you can follow the Good2Go Instagram or Facebook page to keep updated.


Image credit: Good2Go Instagram, Good2Go Facebook.

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