Casting away the evil with APM Monaco’s Symbole collection

Inspired by the joie de vivre of the South of France, it’s no wonder we love APM Monaco. Taking us back to our time in Monaco, we’re always nostalgic for the high-end glamour, azure ocean views, and fashion-forward population of this famed city-state. Want to live down memory lane with us? Watch our travel vlog!

French Riviera aside, this time APM’s new collection Symbole has us feeling Greek Islands vibes (and yes, there’s a travel vlog for that, too). With the Greek evil eye as a centrepiece for each design, the collection features gorgeous glistening silver, micropaved zirconia stones, and accents of vibrant blue. Dreamy!

A superstitious belief dating centuries back in Greek culture, the evil eye is said to cast an ‘evil glare’ or curse that can cause bad luck. The blue eye amulet that you see so frequently in jewellery design is actually said to reflect evil intent back to the onlooker. Therefore, when you wear it, the evil eye has your back. If someone’s out there giving you side-eye, whether it’s envy or dislike, the amulet keeps you safe from all that unnecessary bad juju.

Despite ancient meaning, the evil eye makes quite a stylish and eye-catching statement in jewellery design (haha, see what we did there?). Choosing from the range, we both picked out the Symbole Ring as it matches with a few of our other APM Monaco pieces. It’s more of a chunky style, featuring white zirconia stones all over and blue nanos to highlight the evil eye.

The collection also features some stunning earrings that we are obsessing over (the Lucky Eye And Symbols Drop Earrings and Lucky Eye Earrings With Pearls to be exact). Everything’s super sparkly, super on-trend. Make sure you head to their website to shop these styles and check out some of the other incredible collections!

P.S. We wore the rings to lunch and thought it would be cute to showcase them with food in hand as a prop. It kinda looks weird, but at least we were warding off the evils away while we ate (aka, the wasps that had approximately 0 chill).

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