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The summer holidays are finally here. Most of you will be celebrating the fact that you’ve conquered your exams by sleeping in, heading down to the beach, or running amok on in the city. But before you fix yourself up that third mojito, it’s always nice to stop and reflect on the things you may take for granted. For many children, summer is not the beautiful, exciting season that you may find it. There are thousands of children who suffer during the summer. Their parents struggle to feed them decent meals, let alone have the time or disposable income to keep their children active and having fun during the holidays.


Blackwood Primary’s Breakfast Volunteers.

Kickstart for Kids, a not for profit charity, is teaming up with Statewide, South Australia’s industry super fund, in hopes of changing this. The startup serves approximately 1.4 million breakfasts to children in Adelaide annually, and aims to take it a step further this summer. They intend to pick up kids from their house and entertain them with workshops, as well as trips down to the beach. In addition to also serving them breakfast and lunch, the startup has a goal to provide disadvantaged children with Christmas gifts — And they need your help.

“Charity begins at home”, or so the old saying goes. Picture those pure, innocent smiles as they splash around the water or chase the seagulls. The joy that we’re able to bestow is a gift for those around us, and a unique reward for ourselves. So why not help these disadvantaged children look back on their summer holidays with a smile?


Channel 7 visits Christie Downs Primary.

If you would like to help, it is as simple as purchasing a gift for a child 5 − 12, and dropping it off at a donation box. These donation boxes can be located at the National Pharmacies all over metropolitan Adelaide, as well as the Statewide Member Centre, 211 Victoria Square, Adelaide.

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