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There are very few things that get me out of bed before 8AM. House fires, alien invasions, and the beginning of a zombie apocalypse are surely on the list; but now, I’ll have to add yoga.

This week, Girl About Town invited us to attend an event called ‘Move with Happy Way’ at Plant 4 Bowden, celebrating Happy Way products and the ideologies about health and well-being that the brand represents. Plant 4, located in Bowden, is a modern venue constructed from the old Clipsal building. It houses fresh produce, health-conscious cafes, maker markets, and more. It’s a very subdued and gentle area that I could see myself coming back to again and again.

In the upper level of Plant 4 is where we gathered to learn more about Happy Way, an organic protein powder filled with superfoods such as chia seeds, acai berries, maca, and Himalayan salt (just to name a few). The idea was birthed by Ben Germein and Hien Nguyen, who strived to create a protein supplement that trumped the rest. With healthy and natural ingredients, Happy Way is perfect for athletes or anyone in need of some additional protein in diets.

Nutritionist Kasey Willson joined us at the event to discuss the importance of protein, the sources we got it from, and how Happy Way is only compiled with the best and most natural ingredients; leaving out ‘the nasties’.

Yoga with Danielle Hundertmark

Yoga with Danielle Hundertmark at the Move with Happy Way event

After the speech, Caitlin Nicks spoiled us to a delicious assortment of her very own homemade protein balls and cakes, and Danielle Hundertmark instructed us in morning yoga class.

I’ve only recently begun to use Happy Way in my breakfast smoothies, and so far I think it’s great. I’ll get back to you on long-term effects such as a happier, healthier body or, even better, Spiderman-like abilities.

To find out more about Happy Way, or even try it out for yourself, head to

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