Lord of the Fries opens on Hindley St

Born of a loved up couple’s dream to create the ultimate fry, free of nasty additives and chemicals, Lord of the Fries has created somewhat of a cult following around Australia. This fast food outlet offers an entirely vegetarian menu, with fries, burgers, hot dogs and more all made 100% meat-free.

Lord of the Fries have just launched their newest store (and first store in Adelaide) on Hindley Street – a convenient location for a late night drunken feed! We attended the VIP launch last week, getting a chance to sample some of the ‘Phish’ and Spicy Burgers, crunchy chicken nuggets and, naturally, loads of delicious, crispy fries.

The menu is everything you want from a fast food outlet and more and, even though we are quite the meat lovers, we barely noticed the lack of meat in the menu (they’re definitely doing something right at Lord of the Fries)! Offering a Halal and Kosher menu, the menu also caters to a vast spread of people.

Delicious vegetarian burgers at Lord of the Fries

Delicious vegetarian burgers at Lord of the Fries

Part Founder and Owner Mandy introduced us to the story behind it all, taking us through the love story of how her and her partner Mark drew inspiration for the business venture. She showed such a strong passion for her job (and for fries) that it just made us fall even more in love with her story.

Located 23 Hindley St in the CBD, the new Lord of the Fries store is open 11am ’til late on a Friday and Saturday, and 11am ’til 9am during the week. Follow through to www.lordofthefries.com.au for more information.

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