Love, Loss and Lattes

As Chris Lilley says: ‘coffee coffee coffee before we teachy teachy!’ Or, in both mine and Missy’s cases, coffee coffee coffee before we do life.

Love, Loss and Lattes is a one man (well, really a one woman) acrobatic performance exploring the relationship Missy has had with coffee throughout her life. She utilises silks, a circus hoop, floor work and dance to envelop the audience in her latte love affair, portraying how coffee became the backbone of her life.

Literal ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ spark from the audience throughout the performance as Missy shows off her incredible strength, balance and grace. Her coordination and acrobatics is breathtaking – you certainly learn very fast how she got those amazing abs.

The verdict? Love, Loss and Lattes pulls the audience into Missy’s spectacular world for a 45 minute showcase of incredible acrobatics. I was left super impressed by how much effort she has clearly put in to create an entertaining show with just one performer. Although a little slow in parts, it is well priced and fun to watch (and will probably leave you embarrassed at your own personal strength and flexibility levels… or maybe that was just me).

You can buy tickets here, so go see Missy’s celebration of caffeine for yourself.

We rate: ★★★ 3/5 stars

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