You need to try these curry bombs at Masala Theory

If there’s one way to describe Masala Theory, it’s a perfect blend of classic and contemporary. This theme is applied to all elements of the restaurant, from the quirky and vibrant decor to the fun graphics on the menu, and most importantly, to the food.

Located in vibrant Surry Hills, on the menu you’ll find everything from popular Indian comfort food classics to neo-Indian culinary creations unique to Masala Theory. We couldn’t wait to dive straight into this experience, with the first thing we knew we had to try being the Curry Bombs. Inspired by the street food Pani Puri, they feature spiced chicken encased in a crunchy dome, served alongside a bowl of buttery, rich curry sauce. The idea is to fill the dome with as much or as little curry sauce as you like (although in our opinion, the more curry, the better the bomb), then pop it in your mouth and enjoy the explosion of flavour and textures. This dish definitely lives up to the hype, and no trip to Masala Theory would be complete without these bad boys.

Masala Theory Surry Hills

Palak Paneer gets a modern makeover with the Spinach and Cottage Cheese Tikka, featuring dense cottage cheese marinated in tandoori spices and yoghurt, served alongside spinach curry. We loved this creative reimagination of one of our favourite curries, and the spiced cheese paired back with the creamy spinach curry was a true treat.

Strawberry might not be the first ingredient to come to mind when you think of Indian cuisine, which is why we were beyond keen to try the Strawberry Chicken. The sweet tartness of the strawberry balanced out the spices of the curry perfectly, creating a fragrant dish full of tender chicken that we truly couldn’t get enough of.

When in Surry Hills, it would be rude not to eat Masala Theory’s ode to this iconic Sydney hotspot, so tuck into the Surry Hills Lamb Shank Curry we did. This dish was a big, comforting bowl of meaty flavour, with lamb that simply fell off the bone swimming in a lightly spiced curry sauce. 

Masala Theory Surry Hills

Like any great Indian restaurant, Masala Theory has an almost endless array of sides, sauces and bread. Cool any fiery mouths down with some Hibiscus Raita, or up the decadence of your meal with some Kumbh Naan, filled with cheese, truffle butter and sauteed mushrooms. Dessert hasn’t been forgotten either, with a memorable sweet naan in the form of Shahi Peshwari Naan with Marscapone and Maple Syrup, or the deconstructed banoffee pie featuring India’s favourite biscuit, Parle-G.

If you’re a culinary queen or you simply like indulging in good Indian food, Masala Theory is definitely one to add to the list.

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