Naked Sundays is the new SPF here to save your skin

Naked Sundays SPF50+ Range

If you don’t have a good SPF product as part of your morning skincare routine, you might as well chuck everything else out. The amount of research that links everyday sun damage to ageing of the skin is incredible, so if you want to keep that youthful glow for as long as possible, SPF is one product you should be investing in. SPF has evolved far past the simple zinc stripes of our childhoods, with brands like Naked Sundays here to shake the market up.

Naked Sundays is a newcomer to the skincare market, but they’re already making waves. Focusing on just two products to start and doing them well, they’ve already become a part of our high rotation skincare.

Naked Sundays SPF50+ Hydrating Glow Mist

When we were first sent their launching duo to try out, the hero product for us was definitely the Naked Sundays SPF50+ Hydrating Glow Mist. We honestly couldn’t count the times we’ve been out in the sun wearing a full face of makeup, wondering how to reapply sunscreen without totally ruining our contour and getting mascara all down our cheeks. This is the exact problem the spray is here to solve, spritzing your face with a beautifully smelling mist of SPF50+. The formula also delivers a boost of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, watermelon extract and kakadu plum, so it’s like a little pick-me-up for your skin as well, minus the makeup disaster.

The second product they launched with has become a secret weapon of ours as well. The Naked Sundays SPF50+ Collagen Glow Cream does more than just protect your skin from the sun – it’s designed as a four in one tool that works as a primer, collagen booster, moisturiser and, of course, sunscreen. We’ve been using it as a primer and we’re super happy with the results, plus the collagen Naked Sundays use is high-grade vegan collagen, as the brand is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, which we love.

Naked Sundays SPF50+ Collagen Glow Creme

Both formulas are super lightweight, aren’t sticky and don’t have that overpowering sunscreen smell, making them easy to add to your daily routine. Another big positive about Naked Sundays is their SPF is reef safe, meaning if you take a dip in the ocean wearing it, any residue that comes off in the water won’t damage our beautiful oceans.

If you’d like to see these super cute products sitting in your bathroom, you can check our their website here. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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