When we were in Amsterdam earlier this year, we were introduced to the wonderful world of home delivery from every food venue in the city. Everyone we knew had these genius apps on their phone that would pick up food from restaurants who wouldn’t usually do home delivery, and bring it to your doorstep. It was a world of comfort and luxury, especially when you had a roaring hangover.

Fast forward back to Adelaide, and apps are starting to pop up here that promise the same thing. You can imagine our excitement  when creator of app Mlkman, Aman Takhar, emailed us asking to try out his app. This is our experience.


Downloaded and opened app. There were a small number of restaurants available to order from, and as it was a Monday, only nine restaurants were open for us to grab food from. We haven’t eaten at many of these restaurants before, so it was exciting for us to pick a new place to eat from.

When you click on a restaurant, a full menu of food available with images of the dishes pops up. This is super handy as you can see what the food is you’re ordering before you decide on it. You simply click on the dish you want, how many you want to order and can add notes with changes and requirements you would like made to the dish.


As dedicated lovers of Asian food, we went for Rundle Spices, and ordered four dishes of Hokkien Noodles, Chicken Laksa, Salt and Pepper Bean Curd and Salt and Pepper Squid. Once confirmed, the app sends you cute little notifications on what stage of delivery your food is up to.


Food has arrived! A cheerful guy brought our food to the door and we barely had to leave the couch. Everything was hot and delicious, and we spent the next few hours nibbling at our food and watching Netflix. All in all, brilliant day.

The Mlkman app was super easy to use, and our food was delivered in under and hour and still warm. We can’t wait to relive our lazy days in Amsterdam from the comfort of our own homes!

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