Sunday Sesh? No Stress: The Lion Hotel ‘Kick. Start. Sundays.’

Making their inaugural debut please welcome, Kick. Start. Sundays. at The Lion Hotel. Are you on the hunt for the perfect location to relax and wind down on a Sunday? Well, we think we might of hit the nail on the head with this one! The ever-thriving Lion Hotel have incorporated Sundays sessions with a twist into their busy schedule for this summer.

On the first Sunday of every month, The Lion Hotel will be collaborating with local artists and designers to showcase their talent and expose them to the streets of Adelaide. With a thriving art scene in Adelaide, The Lion Hotel are helping local artists to ‘kick start’ their career and show their support by allowing the artists to showcase their works.

Not only is it fantastic exposure for local artists, the vibe both inside and outside The Lion Hotel, makes it the perfect hangout spot to enjoy a few mojitos, Sailor Jerry Coconuts, or whatever takes your fancy. Even on the hottest of hot days, the gigantic warehouse fan in the courtyard, or the ‘cool’ water misting system out front managed to keep everyone’s temperatures from rising… so there are no excuses for not leaving the house now!

The Kick. Start. Sundays. event featured the work of talented graphic designer and aerosol artists James Hopgood (aka. Kameo) from Fresh Produce Creative. After years of graffiti art under his belt, his painting style led to a passion for design prompting a career in graphic design. In the theme of ‘tropical oasis’ we, as lucky on-lookers, happily watched (with Sailor Jerry Coconuts and beer in hand… of course) as Kameo created a live art installation on the Melbourne Street side of The Lion Hotel. In awe of the talent, drinks slurped to their bottoms as he revealed his true colours; spray painting free hand onto a wooden canvas.



Kameo’s live art installation.

To top the day off, the live entertainment had your insides jiggling and your feet wanting to bust a move as Yogi Bear Acoustic, Golden Child, and DJ’s Josh Pathon and Faint One played music to please your ears.

The Lion Hotel Sundays. Kick start January the right way with some fresh, creative talent and refreshing cocktails!

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