Lady Cara’s Travelling Art Show


The Fringe is about showcasing all kinds of talents from singing and dancing to fencing and sword swallowing. However, there aren’t many shows that encompass each of these different performers in one, which is where Lady Cara’s Travelling Art Show takes the cake. Entertaining yet intriguing, this hilarious show takes you on a journey with the most audacious performances, which Lady Cara has collected from all walks of life, to entertain and amaze an audience fit for all (over 18).

Taking their performance to the next level, Lady Cara’s Travelling Art Show likes to ensure their audience is laughing and/or cheering throughout the whole show and won’t stop at anything to ensure this is the case. Each performer has their unique interpretation of their art form and how they will entertain you, encompassing all oddities with a difference. Take the freak act of sword swallowing example, generally speaking most sword swallowing acts consist of the performer swallowing a sterile, sharp blade that has never been used before. However, within Lady Cara’s show the item to be swallowed is carried onto the stage in a violin case by a tall, lanky gentleman with a bright blue Mohawk, who explains that the item has been used many times previously to take lives. Hold onto your seat, you’ll never guess what is in the case.

Lady Cara’s Travelling Art Show is a swanky show, which is all about having a laugh and enjoying yourself whilst watching art in it’s many forms. You can expect songs about penis’s, singers who fence, a drunken pianist and even female dancers with nipple tassels.

It will be shown at The German Club, 223 Flinders Street until Friday March 4 and then at Boomers on the Beach, 1 Moseley Square, Glenelg, until Friday March 11.

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We rate: ★★★ 3/5 stars


Image: Adelaide Fringe.

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