Lindes Lane presents Barlow

In its first year of existence, Lindes Lane has established itself has one of the coolest central locations to grab a coffee, a drink and a bite to eat. Open from early in the morning until late in the evening, Lindes Lane manages to be both a lively cafe during the day and a sophisticated bar at night. Founded by Jason Jurecky, Wes Gilson, Terry Sweeny and Ian Callahan, who also created boutique coffee shop Bar 9, you can be sure the coffee’s always on point, with a carefully curated wine list that encompasses over fifty bottles.

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Wine tasting at Lindes Lane.

The food is far from standard cafe salads and sandwiches, with a constantly evolving menu dependant on what exciting ingredients they can source. Popular dishes remain regulars on the menu though, like their signature Asian sashimi tuna nachos which is a culinary experience highly recommended by us. This creative take on the popular Mexican dish uses an Asian twist by utilising fried wonton papers as corn chips, tuna sashimi instead of beans and Sriracha mayonnaise and wasabi instead of guacamole and sour cream. The fresh flavour of the sashimi works well with the crunchy, fried wonton papers and the sauce gives the dish a final kick of flavour.

Asian Sashimi Tuna Nachos

Asian Sashimi Tuna Nachos

Regulars of Lindes Lane will have heard (or had the privilege of experiencing) the latest project Lindes Lane has been working on; a hidden bar downstairs called Barlow, concealed by a fireplace. This new addition to the venue will act as a late-night bar space and function area, providing another option for people who don’t want to sit in the laneway or open bar space upstairs, but are after something a little more exclusive.

“Lindes Lane is meant to be approachable, where you can simply rock up and it doesn’t matter how you’re dressed. Barlow is going to be more formal, there will be loads of cocktails and spirits and patrons will have to seek it out. We want it to be a bar that people have to search for and find it themselves.” Says one of the owners Jason.

Dukkah Crusted Salmon and Prawn Pasta

Dukkah Crusted Salmon and Prawn Pasta

The style of the bar is set to be something unique for Adelaide that will draw curious guests to the hidden venue.

“If you go through a secret door, you should feel like you’re going to another world. We want people to feel like they’re stepping into Europe 100 years ago, it could be the middle of the war, it could be prohibition, it’ll be whatever people want it to be.”

As a functions space, Barlow wants to set itself apart from other venues by trying to offer something different. Ian says the hidden bar has already played host to a small number of functions, where some have set the space up like a secret 20s prohibition casino, complete with card games, dealers and casino wheels. Others have taken a different approach.

“Our previous chef had his birthday down there and he’s a big fan of old school hip hop. He had a DJ down there playing old 90s beats, the bar was pumping and it has this real grungy, ghetto, chicago hip hop feel. It’s different to how the bar would usually feel.” Says owner Ian.

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Coffees at Lindes Lane

The name of the bar pays homage to the history of the building, and uses signage already in place.

“Our venue is in the old original Barlow building, and the bar is ‘down low’, so we figured we might as well call it Barlow.”

Bar food will be cooked in the Lindes Lane kitchen, giving Barlow an advantage over other bars that don’t have a large kitchen space. The menu downstairs will reflect the full menu offered upstairs, with smaller options of dishes like the Asian tuna sashimi nachos, aranchini and popcorn chicken available for purchase. Fully catered functions are also available, with these mini dishes being offered around on platters.

Coconut, Cardamon and Lime Pannacotta

Coconut, Cardamon and Lime Pannacotta

Barlow is looking at launching around April to celebrate Lindes Lane’s first birthday. While the bar upstairs might close early, Ian and Jason have promised Barlow will remain open much later, a secret little world hidden behind a fireplace in Adelaide!

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