Destination Home


One woman. One caravan. Thirteen audience members.

Need we say that this is one of the ultra-quirky shows the Fringe is famous for?

Performer, Dan Goronszy uses motion, thirty wooden disembodied heads, sound effects and minimal dialogue to portray the difficult search for a home in contemporary Australian society. The intimate caravan performance space allows Goronszy to establish a captivating connection with the audience, forcing them to consider the struggles for many people to find a stable home in today’s society. While the motions and sound effects left me somewhat confused at times, the use of dialogue and facial expression conveyed the constant disappointment of house hunting. Goronszy emphasizes the haul of associated paperwork and seemingly irrelevant questions, alongside the desperate search to belong, all of which is quite moving.

The show was quirky, thought provoking and challenging to decode at times, but an interesting way to express everyday challenges.

If you’re a quirky theatre lover and a deep thinker than this show may definitely be for you; however as a lover of comedy and circus this show was unfortunately not my cup of tea.

We rate: ★★ 2.5/5 stars


Image: Adelaide Fringe

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