Vlog: Extremely Wicked / Our First London Movie Premiere

Anyone who scrolls through our joint YouTube account would probably think we’re freaks with the amount of true crime and conspiracy theory videos we watch (Kendall Rae, what’s up). That’s why we honestly could not be more excited to join Now TV at the European premiere of Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. Based on the infamous Ted Bundy (Zac Efron) serial killer case of the 70s, the movie documents the court case from the perspective of his long-term girlfriend Liz Kendall (Lily Collins).

Shockingly Evil does a fantastic job of showing its audience the charming and handsome side of Bundy that polarised the jury and the public for so many years. It also shows the pain his girlfriend suffers throughout the whole ordeal, which literally had Mel in tears at multiple points.

It’s easy to fall for Efron’s charismatic Bundy, despite cold hard evidence pointing to him as the rapist and murder of over 30 women. The ending brings you sharply back to reality though, reminding us that you never know what is hiding behind a beautiful smile and pretty words.

As well as being super excited for the actual movie, this was our first ever premiere so we made a little vlog to tell you about our experience, sneaking in a few clips of Zac Efron. We also wore some fun outfits from some of our favourite designers, Georgy Collection and Tia Dorraine. The movie is due to be released on the 3rd of May on Now TV’s Sky Cinema and in selected theatres.

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