Noerden Mate2: A smartwatch that can keep up with you

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Smart people need smartwatches. While a dainty gold wristwatch is a chic and charming choice, sometimes a little added technology can help your day run just a little smoother. That’s what Noerden’s Mate2 watch is designed to do, from the moment you wake up in the morning until you’re sleeping again in the evening.

This hybrid smartwatch is designed for those with an active lifestyle. Connecting to the Noerden app on your phone, it tracks your steps for the day, as well as automatically picks up when you’re running to give you a breakdown of your activity. The HIIT workout and multi-sports monitor lets you keep track of your daily fitness. It also analyses your activity for the day, giving you the total distance you’ve walked/ran, calories burnt and allows you to set goals for completion. Having all this data in one place on the app definitely made it easier for us to stay on top of how much exercise we were getting a day, and even encouraged us to take more notice of it.

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Norden’s Mate2 also acts as an extension of your phone, notifying you when you get calls and messages, allowing you to control your music and even giving you remote control of your camera. You can even set it up a ‘find my phone’ function, giving you some extra peace of mind about your device.

This smartwatch even works while you sleep, monitoring the duration of your shut-eye, and tracking how many hours you spend in deep sleep and light sleep, and how often you wake. The silent alarm function aims to wake you up gentler in the morning, so you can say goodbye to loud, jarring alarm noises.

Mayfair Bar London Melissa Zahorujko

The actual watch aesthetic is contemporary, with a choice of white or black face. There are plenty of strap options available, spanning leather, Milanese, Nato and silicone, in a variety of different neutral and stylish colours. The straps are easily interchangeable too, allowing you to get a couple and swap them up to match your outfit or mood.

If you’re keen on giving your watch an upgrade, you can check out the Noerden website here.

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