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Graphic designer and artist, Leah Zahorujko, is one incredibly talented Adelaidian who tends to make art look easy. Having studied a Bachelor of Graphic Design and Masters of Graphic Design all in the space of five years at University of South Australia, Leah has already become a knowledgeable and proficient graphic designer amongst the Adelaide scene. She’s worked as part of UniSA’s matchstudio, helping with numerous projects for clientele around the city, and has completed significant work experience in the field.

Leah’s recent work for businesses in Adelaide includes designing for the newly built Adelaide Oval, designing for a number of UniSA initatives such as creating a logo for the UniSA sports club, completing work experience as a graphic designer at the Australian Broadcasting Coporation and designing for various non-for-profit businesses such as A Sight For All Foundation. She has also provided assistant teaching for industrial and product design students at UniSA, helping first-years learn the basics of the Adobe Creative Suite.

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Leah discovered her love for illustration and design at a very young age and first began pursuing it as a serious career option when she was just sixteen years old. Graphic Design became her dream job as it combines two of her loves – drawing/illustrating as well as the use of technology and computer software to produce illustration.

Once you’re in the zone – the drawing zone, the creative zone – you’re creating something that’s passionate to you. Something that’s inspiring you.

“Drawing has helped me in life a lot really,” Leah explains, “it’s my way of getting what’s inside my brain out onto a page and conveying my ideas and thoughts and emotions in a visual sense.” She believes drawing can be a therapeutic action; one in which she can let her creativity and imagination flow freely without any boundaries. “Once you’re in the zone – the drawing zone, the creative zone – you’re creating something that’s passionate to you. Something that’s inspiring you.”

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Design is everywhere. As Leah explains, every human being is bombarded by design on a daily basis, whether it be an ad on the television, a poster we see on the streets, a billboard, a logo design or even a small, insignificant thing we would not think of as design such as the layout of a menu at a cafe. It’s all done by a designer. This is why design is such an important aspect of life, and so important to Leah as a professional in the workplace – it can sometimes be the make or break of a business.

“I think I’d want to be focused more on design that has purpose; design that has function,” Leah states, “I want to focus on design that can carry on and influence people’s lives in a positive way.”


Leah currently sells some of her works online (for a reasonable price!) using Society6. This includes canvas prints, framed prints, iPod cases and stationery cards. You can check out and buy some of her stuff by following the provided link: http://society6.com/lzahorujkodesign

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