Public Brunch

Last week we attended Public on Franklin Street in the CBD and were treated to a morning of absolute indulgence with the most extravagant 9 course brunch feast, celebrating Public’s recently extended trading hours.

Inside, Public is a slick, modern-styled space. It’s minimalist interior featuring wooden floorboards, clean lines and floor to ceiling windows makes for the ultimate daytime dining atmosphere, with brilliant natural light shining over the shiny, black bricked bar.

IMG_6087 (Large)

Public’s sleek interior design.

We stepped into the cafe to find a long table set up for us by the windows, with a funky cart in the corner that aesthetically showcased the most delectable selection of Public’s fresh pastries. We were each given one of the pastries at the end of our meal as a wonderful thank you gift!

IMG_6034 (Large)

Pastries galore.

IMG_6089 (Large)

Our Public long table.

Our Public experience started strong with some refreshing alcoholic beverages including bubbly bellinis and tasty shots of bloody mary. Starters included mini serves of the ‘Sriracha Brioche’ incorporating scrambled egg, mild sriracha mayo and aged cheddar on a soft brioche bun. Being major fans of sriracha sauce, we couldn’t get enough of these fun bites.

IMG_6026 (Large)

Let’s start with some drinks.

IMG_6042 (Large)

Sriracha brioche.

Our sit-down breakfast banquet was filling, flavoursome and fantastic. We sampled from the likes of Public’s rice porridge, a hearty cassoulet, truffled omlettes, blood sausage and so much more. A professed table favourite was the light and refreshing ‘Green Bowl’ which contained greens and grains, asparagus, smashed avocado and broiche crumbed eggs. This healthy dish is a brunch must-try.

IMG_6080 (Large)

Green Bowl.

Personal favourite, the ‘Truffled Omlette’, combined an infusion of truffly-wild-mushroom-and-egg goodness with rich, Grana Padano cheese and served with a side of warm sourdough. Due to the nature of truffle and mushroom, the dish is already inherently rich in flavour and the addition of Grana Padano in the egg omelette helps to propel these divine flavours further.

IMG_6064 (Large)

Truffled Omlette.

Coming into the colder weather, we would certainly recommend the ‘Breakfast Cassoulet’ as a winter brunch choice. Another dish full of spiking flavour, the stew includes a blend of meats such as duck, speck and sausage, as well as tomato, a baked egg on top and a side of sourdough to dip in the stew. You will leave feeling a full and significantly satisfied after getting stuck into this one!

IMG_6072 (Large)

Breakfast Cassoulet.

We managed to fit in a fruity dessert to end our lovely time at Public (fortunately it was light!), which consisted of compressed watermelon and strawberry salad, star anise, orange blossom yoghurt and colourful flowers to decorate.

IMG_6113 (Large)

Aaand dessert is served!

Public was nothing short of warm and welcoming, and their mix of contemporary menu creations and modern design aesthetics makes them a top choice for brunch in the CBD.

However, not only do they do a great brunch, Public are always striving to innovate and change as they bring something particularly unique to the table with their brand new initiative Public Wine Down. Occuring every Friday, the event will offer finger and fork plates from 3pm, chilled tunes and an exciting ‘Meet the Maker’ guest. This will see local producers, wine-makers, beer-brewers, cheese-makers and all sorts come down to Public to share some wisdom on their area of expertise.

The next #PublicWineDown will be held on Friday the 1st of April next week, so be sure to head over to Public and see what Meet the Maker guest Kim Masters of Section28 Artisan Cheeses has to share!

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