Romantic, classic and timeless: Tiffany & Co HardWear

“It is a misconception that a man, or your lover, has to buy you jewellery. I think a woman can buy herself jewellery and put it on with dignity.”

And we’re in total agreement of Lady Gaga‘s statement, having recently had the honour of revelling in the beauty of the sparkling new Tiffany HardWear collection. Whoever said you needed a man to buy you Tiffany & Co jewellery?

An extravagant launch event was held at the Tiffany store on North Terrace last night, bringing together Adelaide’s fashion crowd for a night of delectable canapes, champagne and styling. As we made our way through the notoriously lavish entrance and into the warmth of Adelaide’s very own Tiffany & Co, we were instantly greeted by a dashing bow-tied waiter, offering us sparkling champagne on arrival. Appointed to our lovely host Ali thereafter, we were shown through the new collection and enlightened by the awe-inspiring story behind it.

The Tiffany HardWear collection is elegantly subversive in design and is inspired by the unfaltering energy of New York City.  An ode to the powerful city of dreams, each piece seeks to reflect the shapes of utilitarian hardware and is expertly engineered to create a never-ending, free-flowing line. Featuring bold ball designs and chain link styles in 18k gold and sterling silver, this collection is modern, edgy, and inherently statement.

We were particularly immersed in the story behind the design of the Tiffany HardWear wrap bracelet, as told by Ali. “The bracelet features a large ‘wrecking ball’ design, which dangles about and is prone to getting hit against various items in every day use,” she explains, “The dents and scratches that remain serve as a reminder to all of the hard work and effort you put into your life.”

As we styled the pieces on ourselves last night, we felt an underlying sense of power and elegance when wearing each individual ring, bracelet, earring and necklace. You simply cannot look past a woman in Tiffany; the brand brings about an air of confidence like no other.

Below you will find a lookbook of our styling session at the launch of Tiffany & Co HardWear, showcasing some of our favourite pieces including the graduated link necklace, the wrap bracelet and the ball dangle ring. To shop the collection online, click here.