Starting our day right with Flyte energy drinks

The first thing you might notice about Flyte energy drinks is their sleek, black packaging and overall aesthetic. It’s an eye-catcher, but it’s not the only thing about the drink that’s caught our attention.

Flyte are energy drinks of the healthy kind, made using organic caffeine from green coffee and Maca Root. With every bottle boasting less than 40 calories, as well as a non-GMO, added sugar or artificial sweetener ingredient make-up, these natural energisers really seem too good to be true.

We admit, we did have to Google search what green coffee and Maca Root actually meant. From what we could gather in our research being relative newbies to the healthy eating game (we’re trying our best, okay), green coffee had an excellent reputation for weight loss and Maca Root is notably high in antioxidants and nutrients. So, having an energy drink derived from such reputable ingredients is sure to be the ideal alternative to an energy drink loaded with taurine, guarana, added sugar and more, right?

We gave Flyte a little trial run during our heavy work periods in the office this week, and were certainly happy with the results. Great for a summer’s day, the drinks offer a crisp and refreshing taste, and also quite a cleaner taste to that of other energy drinks. Flyte comes lightly carbonated too, offering just a little tingle to kickstart your day. We were energised within the hour, and not overly so, but just the right amount. It’s certainly a better way to get your energy levels up rather than downing a whole lot of coffee and crashing, or smashing other energy drinks that simply aren’t all that good for you.

We also read that Flyte drinks are fortified with Vitamin B and C, as well as sweetened naturally using pressed fruits and stevia plant leaves. The combination of healthy ingredients is going to give you a cleaner and all round smoother boost to your day.

You can get your hands on two varieties for just £2.50 per bottle: Green Mango and Red Berries. Both sound absolutely divine, right? To find out more about this innovative British brand, follow the link here.

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