S5 has created an intelligent organic skincare range

S5 Skincare rebranded range

S5 Skincare have developed a range of organic skincare that aims to address the needs of the skin in our modern lifestyle. Pollution, radiation, stress and poor nutrition all contribute to the imbalance of skin health, and this is what causes irritation and wrinkles.

Ever since we moved to London you’ve heard us complain about how our hair and skin condition has decreased rapidly. We now have meticulous skincare and haircare routines that we need to follow to prevent dry hair and skin, and we’re always on the lookout for new products to try.

S5 works in three different ways; it aims to respect the natural functionality of the skin, protect against environmental damage and treat existing damage and visible effects. It does this by sourcing ingredients from the five most extreme places on the planet: the arctic, desert, rainforest, alpine and marine environment.

S5 Skincare rebranded range

These natural products have a shelf life of twelve months and are thoughtfully contained within UV protective indigo glass. S5 tested putting some tomatoes in one of these jars and left them for seven months. When they opened the jar again, the tomatoes were still in great condition, giving them confidence that the skincare products would stay fresh in these containers.

At the brunch, we were able to sample some products and were gifted a selection of the natural range to take home with us. After road testing a few of these products, our favourites were the Replenish Serum and the Nourish Cleanser. Specially designed for dry skin, the Replenish Serum has a range of different omegas and lipids to help lock in moisture, Rosehip Oil for cell renewal and Arctic Sea Buckthorn for elasticity. A little goes a long way with this serum, and we only used one drop for the whole face. Though it looks and feels a bit like an oil, it actually dries quite smoothly and doesn’t leave a shiny or slick residue on the skin which we loved.

S5 Skincare rebranded range

The Nourish Cleanser comes in an oil-based balm, but once rubbed over the skin and water is added it turns into a luxurious milky cleanser. Rather than stripping the natural oils from the skin, this cleanser gently works to remove makeup and surface dirt, which is great for dry skin. Using papaya enzymes as well as Rosehip Oil and Arctic Sea Buckthorn once again (we’re a sucker for anything that can help dry skin), it nourishes the skin as it cleanses.

S5 Skincare will be launching their big rebrand in September, so keep an eye out! In the mean time, you can head to their website here.

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