The Fruitful Pursuit Autumn ’17 at The Henry Austin

Calling all you vino enthusiasts! The Fruitful Pursuit (TFP) will be bringing back yet another wine playground this weekend, hosting ‘The Fruitful Pursuit Autumn ’17’ at the quaint ‘n’ quirky Henry Austin.

It’s a well-known fact that The Fruitful Pursuit don’t hold your typical wine events or trade shows. Their events are undoubtedly born of forward-thinking, tapping into a market that is both youthful and playful, and resonating primarily with a younger generation of wine-lovers. Although the vibes are fun and frivolous, The Fruitful Pursuit also seeks to offer an informative aspect, giving guests the chance to meet the makers and learn more about Australian wines in a relaxed environment.

We recently caught up with TFP owner/operator and good friend of ours Jimmy Hopkins to find out more about this weekend’s Autumn extravaganza and why it’s going to be one not to miss!

Hey Jimmy, thanks for catching up! Tell us what TFP Autumn ’17 is all about.

Following our ‘Wine Playground’ and ‘Sidewineder’ event last year, this is the next in a series of very intimate wine and exciting events that we’ve been developing. It’s a tasting playground. We’ve invited 24 of Australia’s most progressive winemakers to bring their latest wines to Adelaide… add chocolate, cheese, gin, coffee and a few other treats. We want to present wine in a super-fun format so that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Why did you choose The Henry Austin to host your latest event?

The Henry Austin is Adelaide’s oldest wine-established site, so it’s a bit like throwing a party in your grandparents three-storey house. As it was formerly known, The Chesser Cellars were pouring booze for city folk back in the ’70s, but the biggest box they tick is the menu. We needed a delicious menu to match the wines that are flying in, and The Henry Austin’s got that covered.

What are you looking forward to the most for this weekend’s event?

For me, this weekend’s like being a kid in a candy store. There’s so many quirky new styles and different varieties to explore in Australia, but it’s hard finding the time to see it all. Next weekend you’ll get to experience the cutting edge of Australian wine, all in the same place without having to leave Adelaide. The sideshows are also key. We’ve also got Steven Ter Horst making chocolates out of wine. He’s got four winemakers supplying booze that he turns in chocolates, then pairs the wine with the chocolates he’s made. There’s only a handful of tickets left for these masterclasses, but it’ll be a highlight for sure.

And uhh, for purely article purposes only, did we hear something about a raging afterparty?!

Oh, indeed. We’re kicking on at Sunny’s. The whole party. Winemakers. Everybody.


To purchase tickets at $68.92, click here.
Images taken by Josh Geelen at last year’s TFP ‘Sidewineder’ event.