We Found Ice-Cream Sandwich Heaven at Mövenpick

When invited to an ice-cream sandwich high tea at Mövenpick featuring 24 ice-cream sandwiches filled with each of the decadent ice-creams in the cabinet, one does not take this event lightly.

One in fact tells everyone excitedly in the week leading up that they are attending an ice-cream sandwich high tea, does a very intense workout at Next Gen the morning of and essentially fasts in the hours leading up to the event.

All this psyching up was decidedly worth it, as we bit into the first ice-cream sandwich of the afternoon. The outer cookie was rich, chocolatey, and broke away easily, giving way to the delicious ice-cream centre. The sweet raspberry and strawberry sorbet began to spill out of the sides, and we scraped this away with a spoon and quickly ate it before any was wasted on the plate.

These had to be some of the best, if not the best, ice-cream sandwiches we’ve ever eaten. Forget the days of cold, soggy cookies surrounding your sandwiches – the future is here Adelaide, and it’s at Mövenpick.

You too can experience the magic of the Mövenpick ice-cream sandwich, made fresh for you in-store and filled with your choice of ice-cream. Head down to their SA flagship store and treat yoself.

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