Yelp X Mlkman

By now, there are probably many of you who are familiar with Yelp, a review website where the community shares their experiences regarding businesses, and bestows them a rating out of 5. From finding the best place to grab a double-shot soy latte with a dash of caramel, to discovering an up-and-coming crafts shop down the road, Yelp pretty much covers it all.

Likewise, there may be some of you who are familiar with Mlkman, the Adelaide-based delivery app that brings quality restaurant meals straight to your door. When you’re inhibited from last night’s events, or simply can’t be bothered cooking, it’s as simple as downloading the IOS app and choosing from the list of restaurants.

Yelp and Mlkman have announced an exciting partnership, and unlike that Future / Drake mixtape, this collaboration won’t let you down.

The launch was dubbed FactorEatery because it poses the question, “What factors do you take into account when looking to eat out?” Whether it be the presentation, speed, or customizability, this partnership hopes to cater to everyone’s unique taste when it comes to food. I, for one, believe that this will be a great leap in the quality of customer service, and offer a convenience that’s too good to pass up.

Users of the Mlkman app will be able to browse the each restaurants’ Yelp reviews with a simple swipe of the finger. This will allow users to make a more informed decision when choosing which restaurant they would like to order from, as well as strengthen the growing Yelp community.

Representing The Adelaidian, I was invited to this launch event, where guests indulged in a four course meal from various Adelaide restaurants (all of which can be found on the Mlkman app): Burger Republic, Tony Tomatoes, East of Norman, and St. Louis House of Fine Ice Cream and Dessert.

It was a pleasant meal in a beautiful venue, where we were also joined by Hawkers Brewery, and McLaren Vale III Associates. Hawkers is a Victorian brewery who let us indulge in their smooth Pilsner, While McLaren Vale III Associates are a local, family-owned winery who welcome anyone to drop by for a tasting.

The Mlkman app is currently only on IOS, with Android compatibility on the way. Find it in the app store and give it a try! And if you would like to browse or join the Yelp community, head over to

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