A first timer’s experience with Frank

“Allow me to introduce myself…” were the first five words to spark my effervescent love affair with Frank.

Indeed, I am quite late to join the party. Frank body scrub saw its booming success rise on social media a few years ago now, and certainly not without good reason. This coffee-based skincare product is made in Australia, 100% organic and, as stated personally by Frank: “Only tested on babes.”

I spent my very first night with Frank last night accompanied by some relaxing tunes and an abundance of scented candles, just to ensure those romantic vibes stay strong. Frank and I clicked in an instant – never have I had a body scrub that smelled as delicious and acted as effectively as Frank. Trouble removing fake tan? Dry, flaky skin getting you down? Frank is definitely the answer.

IMG_6244 (Large)

The very beginning of my love affair with Frank.

The coffee-jaffa aroma was oh so endearing, I was convinced there were some pheromones floating around the air somewhere. Perhaps that’s just the direct effect of love at first sight (or love at first smell, in this instance).

Key ingredients include roasted and ground robusta coffee beans, cold pressed sweet almond oil, vitamin E and sea salt, each of which enhance your experience with Frank in their own special ways. Caffeine stimulates blood flow, almond oil promotes skin healing and Vitamin E fights off dryness and fine lines, not to mention sea salt seeks to act as a natural antiseptic on the body. To find out more about this natural healing process, click here.

IMG_6254 (Large)

IMG_6247 (Large)

Happiness in the form of Frank body scrub.

My cute introduction package also included a natural body balm, made with coffee seed extract and smelling just as downright divine. Designed for use after the scrub, this thick-in-texture body balm applies smoothly to the skin and leaves you feeling fresh with moisture while also shining bright with a healthy glow. Similarly to the scrub, this product targets all sorts of skin conditions which are delved into more thoroughly here.

IMG_6261 (Large)

Body balm is textural and tasty. Not edible tasty, just tasty-smelling.

To sum up my first date with Frank, I’d probably go so far as to say it’s been significantly better than any of my past dates with other men; Frank definitely “rubs me the right way.” Just kidding… but also half serious – the product really is that good (or maybe the men I’ve dated are just that bad… we’ll never know).

I’d recommend trying out the ‘Original Introduction’ to ease you into your new relationship with Frank; then you can work your way up to a more stable commitment with ‘Top-to-Toe’, offering body scrub, body balm, face scrub, face cleanser and everyday moisturizer all in one beautifully packaged little bundle. To find out more about the Frank package deals, follow the link here.

IMG_6242 (Large)

IMG_6239 (Large)


An ‘Original Introduction’.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be heading back off to the shower… I bid you beware, Frank can get considerably addictive – girlfriends and boyfriends may get a little bit jealous. Why not invite your partner into the wonderful world of Frank? A threesome’s never looked this good before.

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