The Look Studio on Chapel St

The Look Studio

Introducing The Look Studio: Chapel Street’s latest beauty studio addition.

This slick, new beauty studio in Melbourne offers premium service in the latest beauty trends including the increasingly popular eyebrow feather tattooing and fluttering eyelash extensions. The lovely lady behind it all, Alex Walkerden, holds a wealth of creative experience from all sorts of fields having worked previously as a jeweller and thereafter a make-up artist.

Alex gained significant experience in semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing when she entered the world of Scalp Micro Pigmentation: a revolutionary form of tattooing whereby bald customers are afforded the look of a shaved head. This kind of service requires an extremely high level of training and skill and, being an enthusiast for the relatively mind-numbing and meticulous tasks, Alex’s talent truly shone bright in her SMP work.

She has helped hundreds of men and women transform their appearance, helping many regain their confidence through these kinds of cosmetic tattooing techniques. Whether hair loss has occurred naturally or due to a medical condition, The Look Studio provides patrons an effective alternative to putting on wigs and drawing on eyebrows day-by-day.

Alongside tattooing SMP and the feathered eyebrow look, Alex offers semi-permanent eyeliner and lipliner, too. Combining a passion for make-up and the advantage of a steady hand, Alex can create any kind of look on any kind of face. Other services include brow and eyelash tint, brow wax, eyelash extensions and the life-changing scar camouflage.


Our Experience

Being new to the field of cosmetic tattooing, we opted for the eyelash tint and extension to begin with, as well as a magnificent make-over during our week at Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival. Coming into The Look Studio for the first time, we were greeted warmly by Alex and her wonderful business partner David, who both exuded a strong passion for the business right from the get go.

The space itself is sleek and clean – it was a bright, shining white studio occupying an inherently modern design. Located right next door to the funky Cosimo Hair Studio, the two businesses compliment each other very nicely. Look no further than this thriving duo for a day of primping and pampering!

Eyelash extensions are predicted to last up to a maximum of 6 weeks and, to this day, we’re still receiving compliments on our eyelash length and thickness coming into our fourth week of wearing them! The best part about the extensions is that they are not noticeably fake unlike a pair of temporary fake eyelashes, so people usually ask us; “Are those your real eyelashes? How did you grow them so long?” 

Hassle-free and fabulous, our conclusion is: Win.

You can find The Look Studio located on Level 1 of 225 Chapel St, buried in amongst all of the other trendy destinations and high-end fashion stores of this famous Melbourne street! Book online here.

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Kristen and Mel with eyelashes that never end!

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