A Single Girl’s Day At ‘Best Day Ever Wedding Festival’

As The Adelaidian is run by two single ladies, we were a little surprised, but pleased to receive an invite to the Best Day Ever Wedding Festival. Both being fans of elaborate dresses, bubbly champagne and gourmet cakes, we were excited to go.

Walking into the cavernous function room at the Adelaide Convention Centre, we were astounded by the effort each stall had gone to in terms of presentation and the quality of goods on display. Everywhere we looked, there were flowing dresses, dazzling crystals and, most importantly, towering cakes.

There were stalls promoting everything you could ever need at a wedding, and more. From mini golf (Glenelg Golf Club) and photo booths (Adelaide Photobooths, Fun Snap, In The Booth) to creative little bonbonneire (Ribbon Whirls) and lingerie photoshoots (Renee Lee), as well as all the necessary dresses, venues and food. If there was something that would be at a wedding, there was a booth offering it here.

The cakes there were majestic. Forget getting married to a man, the only thing taking my breath away is these cakes. Layers upon layers of frosting, roses and various sugar garnishes made up the wedding cakes on display, looking more like pieces of art than edible desserts. But let me tell you, they were edible, and they were delicious. While I’m not getting married, I am celebrating my 21st this year, and I successfully narrowed it down to about three possible places to get my cake from. Christarella Cakes were responsible for a seven layer cake that was taller than me, How Sweet Is It had the most beautiful cake decorations I’ve ever seen and Sweet Confessions offered mini cupcakes with the most amazing icing that has ever graced my lips.

One of the most amazing stalls was hosted by a wedding video company called I Do Cinema who produced some of the most beautiful and moving wedding videos I’ve ever seen. Gone are the boring, crackling VCRs of our parents days with their shaky, grainy footage and barely-heard sound. These videos were Hollywood quality. The way they were cut together, with panning shots of the scenery at weddings, clips of the wedding and voice over speeches made for beautiful mini films. One of the videos I remember specifically was of a wedding on the Amalfi coast. The beautiful imagery put together with the reception and the groom’s speech brought tears to my lonely, lonely eyes. I hid quietly under the train of an elaborate lace dress, single and alone, while eating piles of cake samples and wiping my tears on the tulle underskirt. Just kidding. These videos literally restored my faith in humanity.

Wine tasting was also on offer, and my favourite by far was the Moscato from Swire & Noble. The label has been personally designed by local hero (also designer) Paul Vasileff of Paulo Sebastian, so not only does it taste amazing, the bottle is lovely enough to place on even the most elaborate of wedding tables.

Although I wasn’t planning a wedding, browsing all the amazing wedding goods on offer was a whole heap of fun. If you are lucky enough to be planning your betrothal, I’d definitely recommend going, as all the best wedding companies in Adelaide are all under one roof here. And if you’re single and alone like me, find a friend who isn’t, latch to them, and tag along to Best Day Ever to lap up all the amazing wedding glory.

Don’t miss out! The final day of Best Day Ever Wedding Festival is this Sunday 1/2/15.
Tickets available here.

Click here to check out the amazing bridal runway at Best Day Ever!

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