Last week we attended the official launch of newly developed website Adelady – and we’re not gonna lie, the event was packed! Yep, Adelaidians couldn’t wait to hear all about director Hayley Pearson and Lauren DeCesare’s newest project.

Hayley and Lauren expressed that the website is a place to celebrate Adelaide’s lifestyle, food, fashion and women. What’s not to love? Adelady really is their baby – and the two can’t wait for you to check it out.

“Adelady is a website about sharing the best of Adelaide, fashion, women, style, food, arts,” says Hayley.

““It really means so much to us, it was just an idea that’s grown. We have 20 amazing women that we have found on social media writing for us, we call them friends now…,” Lauren adds.

So how did it all start?

“Lauren and I used to work at SAFM for years… Six months ago, we thought let’s create a website that is everything that we’re into…” says Hayley.

And that was that. Over coffee and banana bread at Nature’s Providore on Duthy Street (one of their favourite Adelaide cafes that the two say you must check out), the idea of Adelady was born. Just six months later, it’s not only a reality but something that has seriously taken off – the support they have received is amazing, although not surprising. Who wouldn’t support the idea of a website for Adelaide women by Adelaide women?

Friends, family, bloggers, media and Adelaidians galore filled The Corner Store Café in Dulwich to the absolute brim in support of Hayley and Lauren. The night really took the meaning of a successful launch to a whole new level. We were treated to lollies, cupcakes, cheeses, platters and cold rolls – basically anything fresh and yummy you could imagine. Beautiful flower arrangements and candles were tucked into every nook and cranny, really emphasising The Corner Store’s cosy atmosphere.

What really stood out was the amount of pineapples everywhere. Pineapples with flowers in them, cheese shaped as a pineapple (aka a dream come true) and a huge pineapple cut out were just some of the pineapple-themed decorations floating about on the night. So what’s with that? Why pineapples? Isn’t it a little… random?

Basically, after coming up with the idea for Adelady and meeting together to brainstorm, both Lauren and Hayley pulled out pictures of pineapples. Talk about telepathic.

Hayley laughs remembering the beginning of the pineapple theme, saying, “I said you’re going to think I’m weird and she’s like ‘so am I’ and we both pulled out pictures of pineapples, so that’s where they came from…because when you think of Adelaide, you don’t think of pineapples.” Turns out pineapples are a symbol of welcome and warmth. The more you know. So, embrace your inner-Adelady and eat more pineapples because pineapples are great.

If you have some you have something great you think Adelaide women will love, let Adelady know.

“Give us a call, email us because that’s what the site’s about, we really want to provide for Adelaide” said Hayley.

You can suss out the website at or email them with a story idea at

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