Adelaide’s New Fantasy: The Lion The Witch Vintage

Vintage classics just got a whole lot more magical because The Lion The Witch Vintage has made itself a home on Frome Road. The store holds countless amounts of vintage clothes from the 40s to the 90s, all of which are completely timeless for both guys and girls.

Created by duo Amy Read and Marika Andrews, The Lion The Witch Vintage began as a market stall around London and saw quite a bit of success in local festivals, events and vintage fares. After years of operation in the motherland, Amy returned to her hometown of Adelaide along with Marika from New Zealand, and together they opened The Lion The Witch Vintage store with the help of Renew Adelaide.


When you step into the store, you are instantly met with racks of coats, jackets, vibrant shirts, swimwear, denim, dresses, kimonos, sweaters, t-shirts – you name it! On top of this you’re surrounded by vintage décor to the point where you half-wonder if you’ve somehow stepped into a prime time Hollywood celebrity’s closet.

Whether you’re a vintage enthusiast, looking to get something to spice up your wardrobe or a fab music festival outfit, The Lion the Witch Vintage has you covered. What stood out for me most was the racks of sweaters coloured with quirky prints, colourful short sleeved shirts, eclectic bikinis made from all sorts of materials, Wrangler denim jackets that are as good as new and a spiral rack of t-shirts with German cartoons on them.


The Lion The Witch Vintage has two fitting rooms that are not quite visible as first glance. You just have to head to the gigantic antique wardrobe to the rear of the store and inside you will actually find a winter wonderland to get changed in. Although Mr. Tumnus and Tilda Swinton are nowhere to be seen inside, this touch is a total nod to one of the most popular book series (and now hit franchise) The Chronicles of Narnia.

The Lion The Witch Vintage is more than a vintage store. It combines classic glamour with animated imagination and I’m sure that everyone will find something for them there.

You can find The Lion The Witch at 58 Frome Street, Adelaide.

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