Christmas cheer at IKEA: A Swedish Smörgåsbord charity dinner

As Christmas is approaching at lightning speed, the time of giving back to the community is now. IKEA SA is hosting a glorious Christmas charity dinner on Friday 9th December, which is open to the public. Anyone is welcome to drop into IKEA’s restaurant and they will be greeted with a Swedish Smörgåsbord, which entails an array of dishes including, entree, seafood, meats, salads and a selection of desserts.

Tickets come to $25 general admission ($12 for children) and all proceeds go to Foodbank SA, a wonderful organisation that provides food for disadvantaged South Australian families. In 2015 alone, they were able to provide over 4 million meals to South Australians in need and IKEA SA donates 1800kg of their famous Swedish meatballs to them every year.

With 85,000 meals being put on the tables of South Australians each month, Foodbank SA and IKEA are spreading the Christmas cheer to disadvantaged families to make sure that no one misses out on the delights of the festive season this year. Tickets are on sale here with extra details about the event, so hop in to IKEA in a couple of weeks to enjoy a quality Swedish feast, auctions, raffles and live music to help feed people in need.

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