The Australian Dance Theatre has toured the world with countless works ever since its foundation in 1965 by Dr. Elizabeth Cameron Dalman. Ignition is a program created in 2000 by ADT’s Artistic Director Garry Stewart to showcase works from emerging and mid career choreographers. Returning with the theme, ‘history’ this year after a six year hiatus, the showcase features four 10-minute pieces and a 30-minute work.

Current ADT dancers Matte Roffe and Thomas Fonua each choreographed a piece for the show with Matt’s piece, Woolf! inspired by the 1966 film Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf? Narrated at the beginning by ADT dancer Kimball Wong, the piece features four of the dancers playing the roles of George, Martha, Honey and Nick as the choreography depicts that night at George and Martha’s place.

Thomas’s piece, The Village was dynamic and dark and is a part of his full-length piece, MALAGA. The Village explores colonization and central systems of power. The Village was so energetic and had innovative movements and sounds, which made it the most memorable performance of the night.

Independent choreographer, Katrina Lazaroff’s piece, Caught In Past Tense left the audience imaging what would have been said as the work explored the idea that nothing of meaning would be said when we are caught up in the past.

Erin Fowler’s Epoch was the most visually interesting of the works with her use of lighting to enhance the performance. The work centers around our interactions with time and explores if we are fated to repeat the same mistakes or whether we learn from them.

Lina Limosani’s piece, One’s Wicked Ways was shocking, funny and thought provoking, Set in the French Regime with a cast of quirky, boisterous characters wearing outrageous costumes it takes the characters on a journey of changing social and political ideas.

Ignition is a great initiative for choreographers as it provides them with access to ADT dancers and a professional performance space as well as a small budget for lighting, costumes and set design. Seeing artists create new and exciting pieces makes me excited for the future of not just the field of dance, but the arts in general.

Ignition, ‘history’ is showing at the Adelaide College of the Arts from 9th – 16th July. To book tickets click here.

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