Behind the Scenes at Couture Culture

Going behind the scenes at a fashion show is rarely the glamorous scene one would imagine it to be. Hair and makeup artists are frantically trying to get dozens of models runway ready on a strict time frame, designers are running about doing final adjustments to their looks and public relations and events co-ordinators are pulling their hair out dealing with a number of last-minute crises.

Despite all this, it is something truly special to witness the backstage chaos and then admire how everything seems to come together the second the models start their journey down the catwalk. The amazing team behind the Adelaide Fashion Festival let us peek backstage before the Couture Culture show, giving us a glimpse into the crazy world that is runway fashion.

Models towered over us (even though we were wearing six-inch heels) as they moved towards their racks of couture. These clothes would make their way down the runway in front of a large crowd which included Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha and singer Dannii Minogue.

The Evo Hair and Media Makeup teams worked their magic frantically on the already beautiful young women who just minutes ago had run off the New Classics runway.

Short, striking black wigs were assigned to several models for an edgy, gothic/punk look while others had a classic, sophisticated and chic grey updo. We also spotted several mysterious Sylvy Earl headpieces which we later saw accompanying Jaimie Sortino‘s gowns down the runway.

To warm them up for their impending runway walks and inject some fun into the serious thoughts which probably occupied their minds (ie. don’t trip) we played a game of fashion stare off, challenging models to look each other in the eye and remain composed. They all immediately were quite giggly but put in a solid effort which put us to shame.

As we made our way back to front of house to view the Couture Culture runway we were grateful to have had a sneak preview of what was a truly spectacular show.

Photography by NKM Images

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