Bing Boy Health Conscious Menu Launch

If you didn’t already love Bing Boy enough, their new health wise menu will have you drooling over dumplings and Bing Bowl’s filled with a variety of combinations!  We were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Bing Boy’s new menu at Westfield West Lakes, being able to get a taste of the fresh treats that our favourite urban Asian fast food restaurant has created. If you’ve struggled with choosing an option that doesn’t suit your eating habits, there’s no need to stress- gluten free and even more vegetarian options are coming your way!

To start us off for the night, we had the pleasure of tasting the new dumpling range at Bing Boy. Combining the pan-fried method with steaming, the new Bing Boy dumplings were crispy and light on the outside, with a juicy meat or veggie filled centre. As well as this, we were also treated to several different tastings of the new wraps, putting a spin on the traditional Bing’s with flavours ranging from satay chicken to bulgogi beef.



The main course of the event was the exciting new Bing in a Bowl range. Being able to choose from flavours like peking duck, satay chicken, teriyaki chicken and of course a tofu option for the non-meat lovers- the bing in a bowl is topped with salads of pickled carrots, cucumber, nori, beansprouts, crunchy wontons and a base of brown rice. To accompany our healthy meal, we were quenched with fresh fruit tea filled with hibiscus and fresh fruit, as well as a cup of hot oolong tea.



Now, it’s a bit of a change from the classic 8 flavours of Bing Boy wraps from the original menu, but it’s no loss at all. The new menu has an affordable and healthy option for everyone and will have you drooling over your Bing!

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