George Maple brings ‘Sticks and Horses’ to Adelaide

Just after the release of singer/songwriter and producer George Maple’s captivating video for new single Sticks and Horses featuring Goldlink, Maple has released a new EP with remixes of the single by Daktyl, Deetron and even herself. Following her debut EP Vacant Space that was released in 2014, Maple has managed to take her sound to the next level with three tracks on the Sticks and Horses Remix Package. Not only do each of these tracks maintain the fresh vibe of the original single, but they also manage to feel and sound unique in different ways. While Deetron adds a club beat to the track, hyping up the originally slow paced vocals, Daktyls remix incorporates a hypnotic, cool tone to the EP. Being my personal favourite remix of the three, Daktyl’s reformation adds a cool verse, similar to those of Vic Mensa and Vince Staples.

The final track on the EP is remixed by George Maple herself (could this be a new way of breaking the fourth wall?!) and shows off her endless talent for music production. Layers upon layers of vocals create a deep, chilled vibe that build up to a slow yet thrilling tune. Transforming the original single into three completely different jams, George Maple brings a remix for any vibe and any party.

The talented singer/songwriter and producer will be taking the stage this July in cities all over Australia to showcase her incredible stage presence and powerful vocals. I have no doubts that this tour will blow the roof off Fat Controller on July 10th, as she will be accompanied by UV boi and other special guests who are yet to be announced.

It’s best to get in early for this one- it’s gonna be huge! Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here.

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