Let us give you a Briefs introduction…

An incredibly attractive male specimen sits centre stage, wearing a smart school uniform and reading glasses while doing his homework with nerd-like socks pulled up to his knees. It all seems tame now, but things are about to get a little bit wild… As the student begins to dance flamboyantly on and around his chair, he ends up stripping fully naked for the audience, revealing a heavenly ripped torso and nothing but plain, white briefs. Just when you think it couldn’t get any better than this, he rips off what is left of his minimal clothing to expose his semi-hard trouser snake covered in what appears to be a fitted, red sock and waves it around like there’s no tomorrow. Ladies and gentlemen, that is a Briefs introduction for you.

Briefs is a high-camp, sell-out Adelaide Fringe show held at Royal Croquet Club this year, encompassing all that is drag glamour and glittering, sexy men. Briefs also showcases an array of circus talent having won last year’s Best Circus Award at Adelaide Fringe. Their return show offers a visual spectacle with aerial acrobatics, including the likes of a stunning ribbon performance as well as some equally impressive floor work, all performed by a team of skillful, half-naked men.

Sassy host and ultimate drag queen Shivannah (yes, that is the sassiest drag queen name ever) paced up and down the catwalk stage, cracking the usual abrasive jokes and sexual innuendos that you’d expect of a drag show like this. Shivannah came onstage after each act in a dazzling new outfit each time, never failing to wow onlookers with her glitz and glam. And as for her comedy, there was essentially no filter. Throw out any sense of conservative demeanor; Briefs is in-your-face, avant-garde and extremely camp in all the right ways.

Although there was sometimes a slight tendency to rely on the element of ‘drag sass’ to uphold the show at times, there’s no denying each and every performer had a remarkable talent that could never once be over-looked. The boys sure knew how to mesmerise their audience.

What we particularly loved was the level of audience involvement at Briefs. Members of the crowd woo-ed and screamed with enthusiasm, whistling and clapping at practically everything. Raffle ticket winner and member of the audience Claire was even asked up on stage to do a body tequila shot off of one of the super sexy males as her ultimate prize, which was probably the most hilarious thing ever. Instead of licking the salt off his body, she proceeded to rub the salt all over his chest… “Claire, are you on acid tonight!?” asks Shivannah with a roar of laughter, followed by an echoing roar of laughter coming from the crowd.

So, if you’re out having a drink at RCC and are looking for something to see, we’d definitely recommend Briefs. Especially if you’re already slightly tipsy and up for a whole lot of laughs. But perhaps not if you’re on acid.

We rate: ★★★★ 4/5 stars

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