The Brunch Club: Sun, Sand and Mimosas

Summer is fast approaching, and boy do we have a fun Sunday event for you. The Moseley have just launched their summer brunch special, and it’s exactly what you want to be spending your sunny Sunday morning doing.

Held in their upstairs dining room and on the terrace, The Brunch Club gives you beautiful views of the ocean, surrounded by lush palm trees and blushing pink flowers, out in the warm summer sunshine.

The three-course brunch is designed for sharing, giving you the opportunity to chat with your friends and make new ones as you enjoy the incredible dishes.

Chia seed pudding with mango, cashew, pineapple and yoghurt

Chia seed pudding with mango, cashew, pineapple and yoghurt

Our first course consisted of chunky banana bread with honeycomb butter, and healthy chia seed pudding with mango, cashew, pineapple and yoghurt. The banana bread was dense and had a rich fruit flavour through it, and the honeycomb butter was a brilliant mix-up of sweet and salty flavours. It was a definite winner for the sweet tooth, however for those who prefer a fresher breakfast, the chia seed pudding is going to be a favourite. The texture was really interesting and is what drew us to this dish, as it was gelatinous but very light, and sweetened by the fresh fruit and yoghurt on top.

Coming into second course was like dying and ascending into brunch heaven. A smorgasbord of DIY big breakfast options came out onto the table one by one, each getting us more excited than the last. Lobster scrambled eggs, poached eggs, smashed avocado, bacon, grilled baby tomatoes and thick slices of toast all weighed down the table, ready for us to dive in and assemble our dream breakfasts. We don’t have to describe to you how amazing giant bowls full of bacon and avocado are, however the lobster scrambled eggs were really something else. Though there were some hesitations on our table about trying seafood and eggs together, we ended up licking the bowl clean. There’s no strong fishy taste as many of us thought, instead it’s a fantastic dish full of spices and salty flavour, with the addition of chunks of perfectly-cooked lobster throughout.

Seasonal fruit platter

Seasonal fruit platter

After all that savoury, we really didn’t have much room for sweet. However, the big plate of fresh strawberries, blueberries, orange, apple and watermelon was the perfect, light end to the meal. For the sweet tooth, a bite of the beautifully-presented eton mess will tide you over.

There are three packages you can purchase, depending on what beverages you’d like to have. Each package includes all three courses, and for $35pp you also get a glass of Brown Brothers Prosecco on arrival, for $55pp you get four glasses of Prosecco, and for $75pp you get three espresso martinis made with Belvedere Vodka. Throughout the meal, orange juice and coffee are also available.

The next brunch clubs are being held on November 9, December 10, Jan 20 and Feb 18. To book in for this ultimate summer brunch experience, call The Moseley on 8295 3966.

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