Bubbly and Art at Creoate

As we near Christmas time, things are getting busier and busier… we’re quite literally getting ‘snowed’ in with work and events. Having such overwhelming schedules in full swing, what have we been doing to de-stress? Well, not a lot in all honesty – there’s been such little time to spare. However, we just so happened to enjoy just the break we needed with Bubbly and Art over the weekend.

Held at Creoate in Covent Garden, this pop up art session offered a space to escape the outside world and focus on just one thing: art. The event included a life drawing session in which guests put their energy into sketching shapes and painting the human figure. Accompanied by numerous glasses of champagne and snacks, we forgot about all our responsibilities for just a moment.

After fully immersing ourselves in the name of art, it was wonderful to see the results. There were many quirky paintings, abstract illustrations and imaginative sketches that came out of just one class – imagine the surge of creativity that would arise after multiple sessions! We certainly forgot how much we loved sketching until we sat down at Bubbly and Art and lost ourselves in it.

Check out Bubbly and Art’s Eventbrite to keep up to date with their upcoming events and pop up locations. Whether you’re in need of a little mindlessness or just wanting to exercise your inner creative flair, Bubbly and Art is providing something unique. Art and Prosecco, is there a better combo?

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