Do Vani-T’s magnetic eyelashes really work?

vani-t magnetic eyelashes

One of 2020’s trending makeup products is magnetic eyelashes, and after seeing them advertised left, right and centre on the Internet, we were keen to see if they were legit. SA beauty brand Vani-T sent us a couple of pairs of their new magnetic lashes, so we thought we’d try them out on Tik Tok and see what the fuss is about.

Essentially, the way magnetic eyelashes are designed to work is that instead of using lash glue, you use a liquid eyeliner that has tiny magnetic particles in it. The lash strip is magnetised, so when you press it to your eyeliner, it sticks. We were quite doubtful because we were wondering if the magnetic liner would be strong enough to hold the lashes, if they’d feel comfortable and whether or not they’d sit along the lash line nicely.

The Vani-T Lash Voltage Essentials Kit comes with two pairs of faux minx eyelashes, one subtle and one dramatic, as well as a magnetic liner, a storage case and tweezer applicator. For those wondering, the liner uses iron oxides to magnetise, which Vani-T say is perfectly safe to be used around eyes.

As you can see in our Tik Tok below, we were seriously surprised by how well they worked. The eyeliner was really easy to use, it was jet black and went on smoothly with no bumps or pulling. When we placed the lashes on the lashline they immediately stuck, but still had enough movement that we could arrange them exactly where we wanted them on our eyes. We also found that after a couple of minutes the lashes were really quite secure, so we feel that they must become more adhered the longer you leave them on.


Trying our new magnetic eyelashes from @vanit_official ✨? We’re never going back to eyelash glue ? ##beauty ##makeup ##eyelashes ##magneticeyelashes

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Another thing we were worried about was how hard it would be to remove the magnetic liner from your eye, but it was actually about the same as a normal liquid liner. We always double cleanse, once in the shower with a liquid cleanser and then out of the shower with micellular water, and this got the eyeliner off with ease.

We have to say, these Vani-T magnetic eyelashes definitely get the tick of approval from us. If you find regular lashes with glue difficult to use, magnetic lashes are a lot less mess and give you more freedom to move them around until you find the perfect spot for them on your eye. This is one viral beauty trend we’ll be adding to our regular routines!

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