Spice up your life with the new Hot Toddy sauce range

Kristen Byass and Melissa Zahorujko at the launch of Hot Toddy hotsauce

I love myself a good hot sauce. In fact, I usually keep a bottle in my work desk at all times, just to save me from any bland lunchtime food that may come my way. MasterChef alumni Sarah Todd and her brother Matt Todd have just released their own line of hot sauces, aptly named Hot Toddy, and you can bet I was excited to get my hands on some of those.

Influenced by their travels, the range of hot sauces uses flavours found in cuisines like Indian, Japanese, Thai and even Australian. The level of heat spans from a cool Kashmiri Tomato, made from a blend of tomato, garlic and Kashmiri chilli, all the way to an insane Ghost Chilli, made using hotter-than-hot ghost chillis grown in the foothills of Sydney’s Katoomba.

  • The launch of Hot Toddy hotsauce at Spice Trader Sydney
  • The launch of Hot Toddy hotsauce at Spice Trader Sydney

Though only recently launched, the Hot Toddy range rose to fame quickly after Sarah’s friend and renowned chef George Columbaris incorporated her homemade chilli sauce into one of his dishes on Instagram. Sarah’s Instagram was subsequently flooded with messages from people asking to get their hands on the sauce.

We were lucky enough to head along to Spice Trader and try the Hot Toddy range on a variety of different foods and drinks. My favourite pairings were definitely the spicy marg (obvs), the ceviche and the fried chicken burgers. Another great (and easy) pairing is putting some of the hot sauce on oysters – yum!

The launch of Hot Toddy hotsauce at Spice Trader Sydney

The full Hot Toddy range includes Kashmiri Tomato, Sweet Chilli, 7-Spice Sriracha, Birdseye Chilli and Ghost Chilli. You can shop these yummy hot sauces on the Sarah Todd website.

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