Don’t rule out the rooftop bar this winter

On a chilly winter’s evening, your first thought might not be to head to a rooftop bar for cocktails under the open sky. However, 2KW Bar and Restaurant‘s cosy 8th level terrace stands to prove that you shouldn’t be ruling out the rooftop this winter.

Last week, we were invited in to sample 2KW’s new winter food menu and cocktail menu, both of which are catering to the cold weather excellently this year. We tucked into bite-sized versions of the cream corn polenta, mushrooms and speck dish, the blood sausage and cauliflower dish, and the charcuterie with roast artichoke, puree lemon and quince dish. Each of these edibles offered a level of richness and density that was oh-so perfectly suited to the winter weather; we particularly favoured the creamy polenta dish which had a sophisticated velvet texture that just seemed to melt in the mouth in an instant.

Drooling over these delicious new menu items. 2kw bar and restaurant winter

Drooling over these delicious new menu items.

The venue’s rooftop is aptly set up to combat winter weather conditions, hoisting a magical marquee each year to hold in the warmth, keep guests dry from the rain and obstruct wind. The marquee is fairylit to perfection and is fortunately transparent, allowing for 2K’s famous view to remain admired and photographed… see for yourself below! Not only that, but 2K lay out blankets and soft fur seat-covers for that extra bit of winter luxury.

And while the food and venue fitout had us feeling at the utmost of cosy and comfortable, it was the carefully curated cocktail menu that wholly stole our hearts that night. 2KW presented guests with a taste of four unique concoctions: the Donny’s Pink Pants, the Bon Scott, the Ladies Who Lunch and the Vencermos #2.

Donny’s Pink Pants was our first delicious taste of the range, combining Raicilla, pomegranate, strawberry and lime. The name is a playful ode to SA politician Don Dunstan‘s famous pink shorts Parliament attire way back when in 1972. By the way, that same pair of shorts just so happens to have recently been put on display at The Centre for Democracy Museum, just in case anyone was particularly interested in admiring this so-called legendary piece of local history.

An always extravagant set up by 2K.

An always extravagant set up by 2K.

The Ladies Who Lunch came next, and it was a sweet, tarty, can’t-go-wrong kind of cocktail. Made using Beerenberg plum jam, 2K is yet again excelling at keeping ingredients local, pairing the jam with a delectable mix of gin, rhubarb and sherry.

Ever since experiencing German winter and indulging in mass amounts of mulled wine under the fall of Christmas snow, I’ve always had a desire to snuggle into a warmed alcoholic beverage here during our Australian winter, too. However – from what I’ve gathered – a mulled alcoholic drink is scarcely found around Adelaide, unlike its commonality across cities in Germany and other such Euro countries. Now, finally, I’ve found a winter warmer to get me through those cold nights… The Bon Scott cocktail at 2KW! Comprised of warmed whiskey, apple, spiced syrup and butter, this hot beverage is here to keep my fingertips free of frostbite.

The Bon Scott steaming up its glass.

The Bon Scott steaming up its glass.

Last but not least, the Vencermos #2, which had us totally torn at first. We dived into the cocktail without any pre-exsisting knowledge of its ingredients; the aroma had us entirely confused as to what was in it and whether or not it was something we were actually going to enjoy. However, we immediately fell in love after the first sip, tasting the likes of coconut rum, pineapple and agave with a cucumber slice to garnish. It was such an interesting and challenging flavour, that we just couldn’t help but indulge in its genius, taking our second and third glass of the cocktail within seconds.

Just check out how cosy this rooftop looks! 2kw bar and restaurant winter

Just check out how cosy this rooftop looks!

So, if we haven’t quite yet convinced you, why not check it out for yourself. 2KW Bar and Restaurant is located on Level 8 of 2 King William St, Adelaide CBD.

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