Down The Rabbit Hole // Secret Garden Party

Boutique winery Down The Rabbit Hole held an exciting Secret Garden Party Friday evening to celebrate the release of their new tempranillo. No shortcuts were taken with turning creative arts space Tenth & Gibson into a themed garden party, and from the moment guests climbed through a literal rabbit hole to enter the event, we were taken away to Wonderland.


Tickets for the event sold out extremely fast, and the capacity event was simply beautiful. Keeping it to an intimate gathering of two hundred people meant that each person could taste wine without waiting for too long, and there was plenty of space to sit on the grass-covered floor and have picnics with the delicious food and wine available.

Although their shiraz is what put Down The Rabbit Hole on the McLaren Vale map, the newly-released tempranillo is sure to give it a run for it’s money. Where the shiraz is quite heavy and spicy, the tempranillo is a lot lighter and smoother, but still has the full-bodied flavour of a red. The flavours present are of dark cherry and liquorice with smooth cocoa tannins to finish the palate.


Creative director Domenic Palumbo and his wife Elise created the label with hopes it would inspire imagination and adventure, and create a special experience for the drinker.

“A great bottle of wine can transform a seemingly ordinary afternoon or evening into something far more exciting; creating memories that are full of laughter, adventure and mystery,” Says Palumbo.

The bottles are extremely aesthetically appealing, with the shiraz and the tempranillo both having moody, monochromatic labels and quirky poems.

“On the back of every bottle is a poem that tells our story,” says Palumbo. “Each wine we release will feature an artwork that represents a different line from the poem, and I can’t wait for everyone to see, try and experience the next one.”


As well as wine, deliciously fruity white sangria was available in teapots and Big Head no carb beer. Food truck Mullygrub offered hot meals to guests, and the mushroom gnocchi we tried was perfectly creamy and soft with crusted cheese baked on top. Mushroom soup was also given out, and we literally couldn’t stop ourselves from licking the cups!


Music for the evening was provided by Georgia Carey and local band The Timbers, who managed to pull a little dance floor in the middle of the picnicking guests. We overheard many people wondering if there was going to be another Down The Rabbit Hole Secret Garden Party, after the roaring success of this one. We’re pleased to inform you that the winery announced on Facebook they were already planning the next one, and we can’t wait to see you there!

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