Enter burger and shake heaven at Three One 2 One

Burger, shake, burger, shake, burger, shake.

Despite constantly mixing up the numbers and grammar in the name (and also invariably confusing it with Adelaide’s 50sixone), Three 2 Six 2  Three Sixty One  Three One 2 One has without a doubt become one of our favourite splurge destinations when frolicking in Melbourne’s southern suburbs. Located in Richmond, this funky burger and milkshake joint had us frothing at the very sight of their menu, presenting an array of fabulously fatty options that we just could not wait to inhale.

During our stay in Melbourne a couple of weeks back, we sat down for dinner at Three one 2 one with the man behind Burgers of Melbourne (BoM), who actually had a burger dedicated to him on the restaurant’s menu which we delightfully taste-tested: The Ghetto 2.0v Burger.

A remake of the original Ghetto Burger, BoM’s Brennan had pimped this burger up to an enhanced version of its former self, developing his own secret sauce to go with an indulgent filling of double beef patties, melted cheddar cheese, BoM pickles, jalapenos and onion. This time ’round, just because he could, Brennan decided he’d add a little extra: a swimming pool of melted mac and cheese, spilling temptingly out the sides of the burger and onto the wooden board on which it was served. Swooooon.

The Ghetto 2.0v Burger three one 2 one

The Ghetto 2.0v Burger

Kristen ordered something a little different to Brennan’s, perhaps a little lighter and certainly a lot healthier: the Los Pollos Hermanos Burger. With ingredients of Panko crumbed chicken breast, cheddar cheese, crispy prosciutto, lettuce and mushroom sauce, this was a next-level chicken burger. Rather than trying to create an imitation of KFC’s buttermilk-chicken goodness, Three One 2 One went back to the drawing board and produced something entirely different; a winning salty-prosciutto-and-chicken combo that was topped off by a creamy mushroom sauce with slices of mushroom floating around.

Los Pollos Hermanos Burger

Los Pollos Hermanos Burger

Mel was seriously craving some mac and cheese that night, so she absolutely had to settle for the Kick Ass Mac ‘n Cheese Burger, which came out looking a lot like Brennan’s melting masterpiece of a burger. Delicious mac and cheese lathered in a bright red tomato sauce was oozing out from the Kick Ass Mac, and its contents came simply a combination of one beef pattie with tomato, bacon, mac and, thankfully, double cheese.

Kick Ass Mac 'n Cheese Burger

Kick Ass Mac ‘n Cheese Burger

Three One 2 One’s milkshakes were nothing short of downright impressive, standing tall and colourful occupying the most extravagant presentation of a milkshake we’ve seen yet. Mel’s eye caught The Dark Passion, partially because of it’s cherry ripe slice feature and mostly because of its enticing name. Complete with dark choc sauce, strawberry ice cream, a strawberry cookie, cream and sliced strawberries, this liquid luxury was just to die for.

The Dark Passion

The Dark Passion

Kristen went for the El Paraiso, an intriguing combination of salted caramel ice-cream, coconut syrup, mango sorbet and fresh mango that was salty, sweet and fruity all at once! Garnished with toffee, a Pop-Tart, a brownie and an ice-cream, this was a meal all on its own.

El Paraiso

El Paraiso

Be sure to visit http://threeone2one.com.au to spy the absolutely incredible menu and to see more of their aesthetically on-point dishes.

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