Enter the strange world of LUMINOUS

It’s almost like being on another planet, buried somewhere deep, deep and far away in the unknown universe. Creepy, illuminated creatures crawl around on on an entirely blacked out stage; all focus is on these four strange beings. They jump, twist and turn, performing all sorts of impressive tricks and mystifying the audience in their presence. Introducing: LUMINOUS, a grandiose visionary showing at this year’s Fringe Festival.

The bright neon colours are hypnotising, with reds, blues, greens and yellows painted all over the bodies of the beings in what appears to represent a reptilian-like skin. It’s truly a fascinating sight.

Just when you least expect it, one of the animalistic creatures swiftly hops off the stage and onto the wooden floorboards a mere centimetre from you, turning its head from side to side and staring into your eyes as it analyses you like a preying lizard.

The luminescent creatures perform juggling acts with glowing orange balls, they spin multiple blue neon hula hoops at a time, they even perform aerial ribbon suspension from way up high in the room. Each act wows the audience; it is quite a contemporary mix of circus, acrobatics and dance.

At times, bright objects appear to be defying gravity as they float by themselves in the blackened space alongside these contorting, perplex beings.

We hear mashed up, esoteric tracks anywhere from the likes of artists Bjork to Ludovico Einaudi, which adds to the suspense and wonder of this supreme Fringe experience.

Be prepared to leave this visual spectacle feeling oddly soothed, perhaps left in a relaxed, hypnotic-like state. You’ve just experienced LUMINOUS – an intense, otherworldly illusion offering visual storytelling at its ever-so finest.

We rate: ★★★★ 4/5 stars


Images: provided.

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