Big Shed Brewing Co Launch

Big Shed Brewing Concern (BSBC) are a new Adelaidian brewing company, co-run by Jason Harris and Craig Basford, who aim to produce only the highest quality of homemade craft products.

Last Friday, BSBC hosted a fantastic launch party celebrating the brand new brew house located down on Brandwood Street at Royal Park. On offer was a selection of five unique, craft brews, each with their own memorable taste.

Offering four beers and one cider option served by extremely knowledgeable bartending staff, it was a surprise that the sole cider named Cherry Popper was, in fact, the highest in alcohol content at a whopping 8.5%. A definite favourite (perhaps due to the fact we aren’t the biggest beer drinkers…), the Cherry Popper really did ‘pop’ once hitting the palate. With a fruity cherry flavor, both sweet yet strong, it is most definitely a highly drinkable cider guaranteed to satisfy. Suited to a day by the beach, a high class cocktail night or just your general pub cider, the Cherry Popper is for every occasion.

Alongside the cider, an enjoyable American pale ale was served to guests, providing a contrasting, floral flavor to that of the Cherry Popper. A spicy peppercorn ale gave guests a bit of a numb tongue (in the best way possible) while the Frankenbrown American brown ale was available for those who felt like drinking a heavier beer with hints of chocolate and coffee. The regal Sir Prince Philip English pale, fifth on offer, was of a sharper, crisper brew – a little more mild and refreshing.

In case guests ever got tired of drinking beer and cider all night (highly doubtful with this delightful selection of versatile craft brews), complimentary wine was also available. Waitresses went around rotating platters of nibbles including gourmet cheese and potato balls, spicy chicken wings topped with a blue vein cheese fondue, crispy battered gherkins and chicken and chive meatballs dipped in sweet chilli sauce. An absolutely delectable selection of tapas to say the least.

However, these delicious craft brews and tapas plates were not only available at the exclusive VIP launch. Big Shed Brewing Co open their Royal Park brew house every Friday and Saturday night to customers looking for a place to drink, eat and relax. They sell the above beer and cider all night alongside the likes of a mouth-watering menu inclusive of nachos, pies and pasties, hotdogs and regular bar snacks.

Giving customers the chance to have a look at the insides of a beer/cider brewery, the BSBC brew house is certainly an exciting experience to dine in, drink and explore. For more information on the company, feel free to browse the BSBC Facebook Page or find them on Instagram. An updated website will be up soon via the official BSBC link:, so keep your eyes peeled!

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